SGA Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall allocate funding from the Students Activities Fund to clubs and organizations on campus in order to provide useful and entertaining activities that will benefit the student body. Only chartered organizations are eligible to receive funds from the SGA Finance Committee. However, exceptions may be granted should the SGAFC Executive Treasurer deem the request in concern necessary and provided that two-thirds (2/3) obtain majority vote in favor of passing the exception. Therefore, any other non-club or organization that hosts events for which the SGA Finance Committee agrees will benefit the majority of the student body may be eligible for funding should the SGAFC Executive Treasurer deem it a reasonable exception and the SGA Finance Committee approve it thereafter.

The non-clubs or organizations that do not host a charter and that are classified exceptions may only request funding once per annum from the SGAFC. All members serving on the SGA Finance Committee are entitled to have one (1) vote per budget request in Finance Committee Hearings except for the Executive Treasurer of presiding officer, whom shall serve as the Hearing’s administrator. Only in the case of a tie of votes may the Executive Treasurer or presiding officer be entitled to one (1) vote.

A budget request submitted without an Activity Form constitutes immediate grounds for denial and is not subject to vote.

Budget Requests & Guidelines