SGA Budget Request Form

A budget request submitted without an Activity Form constitutes immediate grounds for denial and is not subject to vote.



  1. You will be prompted to Open or Save the file
    SGA Budget Request - Screen 1
  2. Click SAVE and locate the desired drive locally where you'd like to save the file and work on it. (Ex. A:/ drive for floppy disk, or C:/   for local hard drive)
    SGA Budget Request - Screen 2
  3. Once saved locally, open the file and complete the necessary fields in the budget request form.
  4. When finished customizing, SAVE YOUR FILE. Close the document.
  5. Open your e-mail client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and attach your saved file in a new e-mail to For questions, contact the SGA Office at ext. 4310.   
  6. You will receive an e-mail from the SGA treasurer with your Excel document attached once the request is reviewed. The document will show revisions, approvals and denials for the budget request.

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