Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Providing a quality education to all students requires a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels of the College.

In and out of the classroom, we strive to foster an environment where our students engage with, understand, and appreciate perspectives, people, and cultures that may be very different from their own.

Diverse Students talking and smiling

As President Nelson stated, we strive to be, 

“a Catawba where every person is truly included and loved in such a way that every member of our community can thrive and experience well-being.”

Catawba prides itself on being an open, safe, and welcoming learning environment for all students, faculty, staff, and others in our extended community.

We are a living-learning community where we learn about our differences and discover our sameness while teaching and encouraging each other to walk and grow. Each of us is an individual, and we respect our differences while looking for the common ground of our shared humanity.

One of the ways we actively seek to learn and understand each other is through the creation of EDJI: Equity Diversity Justice and Inclusion Taskforce.   With the support of our president and leadership, this group creates opportunities where we can have authentic, respectful, productive and caring conversations about topics that are often fraught with charged emotions and defensiveness before a single word may be said. They provide occasions where we can learn from the distinctive experiences of each other and discover together how we can help each other better navigate this world.

In developing a caring network that extends throughout our campus, we can reach, respond to, and serve our whole community rather than having one department charged with that entire responsibility.

At Catawba, that responsibility is shared by everyone, every day.


Learn more about how to be involved, and get and give support.


For students, our Black Student Union’s mission is to preserve, advance, and represent the cultural contributions of the African American student body at Catawba College.

LGBTQ Alliance

The student-led LGBTQ Alliance provides support, advocacy and outreach to the Catawba College community. It also helps create the opportunity for everyone on campus to engage to their fullest potential.

Helen Foil Beard Women's Society

HFBWS is an organization for female students that encourages the exploration and celebration of the accomplishments of women. Membership is open to all interested female students.


The Catawba Black Alumni Network looks to connect our alumni with both other alumni and students, and includes events to develop and sustain the connection between the college, students and alumni and empower, connect, and celebrate Catawba’s black community.


The Equity, Diversity, Justice, & Inclusion Taskforce (EDJI) is composed of volunteers who are genuine in their pursuit of egalitarianism across the institutional and academic practices of the college, and who are representative of the different ranks, roles, departments, tenures and disciplines at Catawba. There are many opportunities for those who are not direct members of EDJI to share thoughts and bring ideas and to participate in working groups, subcommittees, and interesting, exciting events galore!