GIST & Technology Courses

ONE of the following courses:

ENV 1403

Sustainability Sci & Envir Pol

An examination of the interface of science and policy surrounding land, water and air, focusing on how diverse scientific perspectives can inform methods and instruments for effective policy-making toward sustainable solutions.
(3 Hours)
ENV 1401

Water & Land: Conserv & Ecolog

A study of the broad issues of environmental science and the interaction of humans and the environment with a focus on human connections to land and water from an ecological and management perspective, with particular emphasis on the need to use our understanding of land and water resources to solve real-world problems.
(3 Hours)
ENV 1402

Air, Energy, Dev & Climate Chg

A study of broad issues of environmental science and the interaction of humans and the environment with a focus on atmosphere, climate change, development and sustainable use of energy resources.
(3 Hours)

ENV 2300

Intro to Geogr Inform Systems

This course will illuminate the increasing integration of spatial data and maps into our modern lives. The course will introduce the fundamentals of geographic information systems (GIS) & global positioning systems (GPS), and cover a variety of uses for geographic data.
(3 Hours)
ENV 3300

Intermediate GIS

In-depth study of ArcGIS PRO featuring the use of geospatial analysis techniques for problem-solving and decision-making. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: ENV 2300.
(4 Hours)

ONE of the following courses:

ENV 2601

Drone Pilot Training

This course aims to inspire and teach students the use of drones and to understand the regulations surrounding them. This course will give students hands-on experience flying different types of drones, learning how to do so safely and how to efficiently collect data. Topics covered will be drone safety, current policies and regulations, components of drones, and business & research applications.
(3 Hours)
ENV 3320

Field GPS & Mobile Data Collec

A study of global positioning systems (GPS) to include how these systems work, how to collect GPS data, and how to integrate the data into geographic information systems (GIS). The course will use GPS devices as well as mobile applications in smartphones and tablets to collect data. Prerequisite: ENV 2300.
(2 Hours)

Departmentally approved electives (5-9 hours)