EnviroSmart Schools Recognition Program

The EnviroSmart Schools Recognition Program recognizes North Carolina P-12 public and private schools that encourage cultures of sustainability in five designated areas. 

The EnviroSmart Schools Rubric is an easy to follow guideline for earning recognition for the work you are doing at your school. You can use the rubric to easily track your progress.

The five components include:

  1. Culture and Community – Creating a school philosophy and culture that embraces sustainability, encourages ongoing professional development and sparks the creativity and engagement of all its members. 20 possible points
  2. School SustainabilityConserving energy and water, reducing solid waste and increasing transportation options, with a healthy dose student engagement. 24 possible points
  3. Healthy SchoolsCreating school grounds that enhance learning environments, planting gardens, and promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle. 24 possible points
  4. Curriculum IntegrationIntegrating curriculum that helps students experience and understand the natural environment and their place in it. 24 possible points
  5. Innovation – Innovations will be open-ended and will allow schools to document what new initiatives the school is trying to go above and beyond in becoming an EnviroSmart School. 8 possible points.

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How does the recognition program work?

The EnviroSmart Schools Rubric offers a comprehensive guide for schools to navigate their way to greening their campuses and curricula. Schools will receive recognition and be awarded a certificate of accomplishment for their efforts. EnviroSmart Schools awards recognition for these three levels of participation:

  • EnviroSmart School of Commitment

    A school that is taking the initial steps to improve their sustainability and environmental education curriculum. Must participate in three of five categories and score 40-59 points on the rubric.

  • EnviroSmart School of Achievement

    A school that is taking active strides in improving and maintaining sustainable practices and environmental education curriculum. Must participate in four of the five categories and score 60-79 points on the rubric.

  • EnviroSmart School of Excellence

    A school that shows the highest level of commitment to a sustainable campus and environmental education curriculum. Must participate in all five categories and score 80-100 points on the rubric.

Who is eligible to apply?

Who is eligible to apply?

All P-12 schools in North Carolina are invited to participate in this program and to apply for recognition.

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