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There are hundreds of tools and links for becoming a more sustainable, healthy campus, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start!

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We have divided the resource pages by the EnviroSmart School components below. We hope that you will discover new tools to help your school become more green! Click on one that interests you to start the journey.

Please be sure to contact us at with any information that you know about other resources in your area.


The Five Components

We have divided the resource pages into five EnviroSmart School components. Explore culture and communityhealthy schoolsschool sustainability, curriculum integration, and innovation resources. We hope that you will discover new tools to help your school become more green!

Culture and Community Ideas and Resources

Healthy Schools Ideas and Resources

School Sustainability Ideas and Resources

A school seeking to become sustainable starts by understanding that it is a part of a whole interconnected system. It models future where current needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. A sustainable school not only shows what we can do now to be better stewards, but sets the stage for even greater opportunities. A sustainable school recognizes that its campus can be a living laboratory, engaging the vibrant minds of our students in ideas and activities that can lead them to finding the solutions to the complex environmental issues we face. For the purposes of this program, school sustainability is designated as the physical elements that we must steward to provide for ourselves and to conserve for the future. People are the primary drivers of that stewardship, so how we treat one another is an important component as is our ability to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Curriculum Integration Ideas and Resources

Innovation Resources

Other Resources

Funding Resources

Resources by County

Here is a list of NC Counties and some of the resources that are available to help support your school. Please be sure to contact us below with any information that you have about other resources in your area.  

"Achieving certification as an NC Green School is a direct reflection of the passion and commitment of Salisbury Academy’s students, staff, and supporting community. We are grateful to NC Green Schools for guiding us in our path to sustainability and look with enthusiasm to further milestones on this journey."
Beverly Fowler Salisbury Academy
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