Catawba College's Brownlow Wins Award

Dr. Sheila Brownlow, professor of Psychology at Catawba College, was selected to receive the Southeastern Psychological Association's 2024 Mentor Award.

Each year, the Southeastern Psychological Association honors one highly deserving SEPA member with an award for exceptional mentoring. The SEPA award honors psychology faculty who show excellence in mentoring and teaching, getting students involved in SEPA, and contributing to mentees' careers and professional development. This year, Brownlow was nominated by several students and colleagues and chosen to receive this prestigious award.

Catawba College had eight psychology students, along with faculty members of the Psychology department, attend SEPA’s annual conference in Orlando, FL. Catawba's Psychology Department brings students to the conference annually.

Brownlow has supported students in presenting over 110 research posters at SEPA during her time at Catawba to date.

In the words of two of the students who nominated Brownlow, “We can attest that she cares. Really cares! When you combine that with great professional knowledge and passion for disseminating that knowledge, you have all the right ingredients for a truly unique mentor,” and “…she has changed my life, and … I see the impact she has in all her students’ lives."

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