Graham Genomics Laboratory

August 5-16, 2024: Next Generation Sequencing Workshop and Certificate Program

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The Bill and Shari Graham Genomics Laboratory allows students to engage in vital research, gaining broad and deep knowledge in a particular field, enabling them to put that knowledge to work for the common good.

Catawba College and Eremid® Genomic Services, LLC, (Eremid), a specialist genomics contract research provider, partnered to open the Bill and Shari Graham Genomics Laboratory, which specializes in genomic sequencing. The lab is located at Eremid's facilities on the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC) in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

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Why Genomics?

Next generation sequencing is a launching pad for asking and answering new questions about human health and the environment. This one-of-a-kind lab enables students to gain experience which provides them a path into a truly world-changing area of research. Catawba College's collaboration with Eremid provides the guidance and clinically relevant training for students to master the future of new cutting-edge technology in Genomics.

A Unique Course Offering

Eremid's Dr. Francisco Camacho, Director of the Graham Genomics Lab, and Professor Affiliate of Catawba College, will offer a unique undergraduate genomics course focusing on next-generation DNA sequencing (NGS), beginning in Spring 2023. Students will learn clinical laboratory procedures and develop the hands-on skills to perform the most challenging laboratory techniques. The Graham Genomics Lab will offer the only undergraduate NGS training in the United States and, combined with an academic-private partnership, will equip Catawba College students with real-world skills in the growing genomics arena.

Advanced Training

Catawba College's undergraduates will receive training in advanced genomics techniques, typically only available to graduate students. The Graham Genomics Laboratory is also unique in that it provides students a window into the business side of science and exposes them to additional career pathways in science as a profession.

Next-Generation Resources

The Graham Genomics Lab features next generation sequencing platforms from leading technology providers, including Illumina® and Pacific Biosystems. Catawba students acquire hands-on skills as they conduct research projects and work with innovative sequencing equipment, participating in multi-disciplinary, multi-platform research from concept through to data delivery and interpretation. This lab experience provides a distinct advantage as students enter their careers and graduate programs.