Choral and Instrumental Music Ensembles

Wind Ensemble (MUS 1195)

The Catawba College Wind Ensemble is the premier instrumental ensemble at Catawba College. Dedicated to exploring the highest caliber music for winds through performance, this ensemble meets multiple times  a week and presents two major concerts per semester. The Wind Ensemble performs repertoire from a diverse collection of composer backgrounds, stylistic viewpoints, and time periods ranging from classical to contemporary. Emphasis is placed on the development of individual musical technique, the exposure of members and audiences to a wide variety of literature, striving for nuanced artistry, and creating opportunities for meaningful connection.

Registration to join the Wind Ensemble is open to any student at Catawba College with experience playing a wind or percussion instrument. Limited space may also be available for students with double bass experience. There are no auditions to join the ensemble for students meeting the experience requirement; however, a brief placement hearing may be held at the beginning of each semester to determine part assignments. 

Catawba College Marching Band

The Catawba College Marching Band is dedicated to growing the individual musicianship of each member and creating an exciting environment during athletic events on campus. This ensemble rehearses twice a week and is open to all Catawba College students regardless of major. All members must have experience performing on a wind instrument, as part of a drumline or color guard. The ensemble also welcomes students with experience as keyboard, guitar, or bass guitar players. No previous marching experience is required.

Membership in the Marching Band also offers participatory scholarships to all members based on their commitment to the group. 

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Catawba College Pep Band 

The Catawba College Pep Band performs at a variety of sporting events mainly during the spring semester of the academic year and at other events in the campus community. Membership is open to all Catawba College students with experience playing a wind or percussion instrument. The ensemble also includes drum set, keyboard, guitar, and bass guitar players. Membership in the Pep Band offers participatory scholarships to all members based on their commitment to the group.

Jazz Ensemble (MUS 1194)

The Catawba College Jazz Ensemble rehearses multiple times per week during the semester and performs at concerts and other events throughout the academic calendar. This ensemble is available to all students at Catawba College students with experience playing wind or percussion instruments in a jazz setting and also includes students with drum set, keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, and string bass experience. A brief audition is required for membership in this ensemble. 


Questions? Interested in Joining?

If you would like to receive more information about any of our music ensembles or are interested in joining us for the upcoming season, please email Dr. Ben Jones, Director of Bands.