Day of Giving

Celebrate #MYCATAWBA on September 23 by giving a gift to support and transform the lives of today's and tomorrow's students!

Support and Transform the Lives of Today's and Tomorrow's Students!

We are gearing up for Catawba's 4th Day of Giving on Friday, September 23.

Whether Catawba gave you the tools to launch your career, lifelong friendships, precious memories, a valuable professional network or the courage to reach your highest potential, we're asking you to consider giving to your reason for #MYCATAWBA and paying it forward.

Support your passion and give to what #MYCATAWBA means to you:




In 2021, we far surpassed our goal and exceeded all expectations. We were thrilled with the number of passionate donors who gave at all levels to support specific projects. The extraordinary engagement from our alumni, donors, volunteers, students, faculty and staff helped us transform many programs and spaces across campus. We are incredibly grateful for the many gifts we received.

Meg Kluttz Dees Vice President of Development

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Giving Day - Catawba Socks

Step Up!

This year we are asking our Catawba Family to "Step Up" and make a difference in the lives of everyone at Catawba College. With a gift of $50 or more, you can receive the 2022 Custom Catawba Socks. These socks are produced and designed by Wilson Program Sock Company in Burlington, NC by alumnus Callum Brown '95. 

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Day of Giving - September 23, 2022

Together, we move forward to building a brighter tomorrow.”

Dr. David P. Nelson Catawba College President