"Creating Catawba Community" Grant

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It is commonly recognized and agreed that ‘community’ is important to any organization and necessary if a group or organization is to accomplish its goals and be all that it is capable of being. 

This has been demonstrated frequently on the Catawba campus when organizations, teams, and classes have participated in activities specifically designed to create a greater sense of community for the group.  The comment ‘if only we had the funds to do a retreat or have a group activity’ often is heard on campus pertaining to the belief that many organizations could accomplish more if they had the resources to provide such activities for members of the group.

The Lilly Center for Vocation and Values at Catawba, believing that this building of a sense of community is an important value to the members of the College, has established a grant fund to provide financial assistance to enable groups at the College to experience those community building activities.

Any chartered campus organization or organization recognized by the College, athletic or academic team, class or group of students, may seek one of the “Creating Catawba Community” grants by submitting an application to the Lilly Center for Vocation and Values at Catawba using an application form available from the Lilly Center.


The following criteria will be used to determine which applications will be funded:

  1. The appropriateness and merit of the schedule of activities and program components that are proposed for the activity.
  2. The demonstrated capacity of the proposed leadership of the activity to accomplish the goal of building community and in other ways making the group more productive and better able to accomplish its stated goals and purposes as a part of the larger Catawba community.
  3. The event or activity must include at least one component of a minimum of 30 minutes in duration that focuses on vocation (The Lilly Center will provide leadership for this component if so desired).
  4. Include a component of no less than 15 minutes in duration that provides an opportunity for spiritual reflection and discernment.  (The Lilly Center will make available ‘format and content’ or leadership for this component if so desired.)
  5. The means that the group proposes to use to evaluate the success of the event and to follow up on what is accomplished.


  1.  Use the format provided by The Lilly Center for making application for a grant.
  2. Within 30 days of the completion of the event, submit a report and evaluation of the event. 
  3. As a part of the application, submit a full budget for the event and show what other resources will be used to make possible the event.
  4. If the event is held off campus, must use a facility approved the The Lilly Center.
  5. Groups will be expected to comply with all College rules, guidelines and regulations regarding transportation, financial accounting and activities that can be a part of the event.


Please feel free to seek preliminary review of ideas and proposals. 

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