Order of The Blue and The White

The Order recognizes young men who have manifested scholarship, character, culture and service in their lives.

Membership is limited to fifteen rising juniors who are invited and initiated each spring.


On this day, each member may wear his suit and pin during the entire day on the 4th Thursday of each month during the academic calendar. Each member will have the opportunity to designate a location and time that is convenient for majority of the members to meet. Each member will have to accept the invitation via email in order for the location and attendance to be addressed.

The purpose of The Order of the Blue and White Day is to enhance the presence of the organization and show the student body here at Catawba College the men who are held to a higher standard and who embody the four pillars of Catawba College. Scholarship. Character. Culture. Service. Our hope is that it will not only increase our presence, but will also empower our peers to uphold the values of Catawba College.

    • Every 4th Thursday
    • Time & Location: 11am–12noon
    • Locations: Blue 51


  • Members may decide to attend other events that fall on the 4th Thursday
  • When members assemble at a particular location, the time is intended for members to meet and fellowship
  • If members are unable to come at 11am on the 4th Thursday, we ask them to wear the appropriate attire and pin regardless of if they attend or not