Tuition Remission Registration Guidelines

Guidelines for North Carolina Community College Students Registering at Catawba College under Tuition Remission

Enrollment at Catawba includes two separate steps. Both must be completed to enroll.


  1. Check the Catawba College Academic Calendar to determine the opening dates for the term in which you wish to enroll. You must apply no later than seven calendar days before the date classes begin and allow 24 hours for your application to be processed. See Step 3 below.

  2. Check if the class you wish to take has available spaces.

  3. Select the appropriate application. As part of the application process, you must present a signed Letter of Good Standing form from the Community College Registrar’s Office certifying your full-time enrollment for the semester in which the course is taken at Catawba. Your application cannot be processed until both forms and a signed copy of this form are turned into the Admissions Office.



  1. North Carolina Community College students may register no earlier than 14 days prior to the first day of the requested course, and no later than the last day to add a course for the specific course requested. All dates are found on the academic calendar.

  2. Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted by an advisor to complete the registration process. You will receive a printed schedule indicating the class for which you are registered.

  3. Once you are registered, your name will appear on the instructor’s roster. Check with the instructor to make sure your name is on the roster before the last day to add a class.

  4. North Carolina Community College students must follow the Catawba College academic calendar for courses taken at Catawba, including the final exam schedule.

  5. The NCCC student will be governed by the calendars, appropriate rules and regulations (including the Catawba College Honor Code), and grading policies of Catawba College while in attendance there. Should a question of jurisdiction arise in connection with this policy, it will be answered by the responsible officers of the two institutions.

Download and Sign this Document
(must be signed and returned prior to enrollment)