Catawba College

Catawba College Expands Scholarship Opportunities for Catawba Nation Students

The Catawba Nation and Catawba College are excited to announce an expansion of our long-time partnership with additional scholarship opportunities....

The Catawba Nation and Catawba College are excited to announce an expansion of our long-time partnership. In 2007, the Nation and College came together to discuss the name of the College’s athletic teams’ nickname, the Indians. This discussion ended in an agreement to allow the use of the name in exchange for a scholarship for a Catawba student. The initial agreement allowed one student to receive a four-year scholarship every four years.

The Catawba Nation and Catawba College are pleased to announce that the agreement has been updated to now offer a four-year scholarship to a Catawba Nation student every year. This change reflects ongoing collaborations to further strengthen the relationship between Catawba College and the Catawba Nation, in hopes to offer more educational resources and opportunities for tribal students along with education to Catawba College students about the rich history and culture of the Catawba Nation.

“Catawba College and the Catawba Nation have been intrinsically linked since the College’s founding over 170 years ago,” said Dr. Jared R. Tice, senior vice president for the college experience & dean of students at Catawba College. “This new annual scholarship offering further demonstrates the strengthened partnership of our two communities working together to advance the educational opportunities for Catawba citizens. We look forward to creating additional pathways and opportunities with the Nation in the very near future.”

“We are excited to see the partnership between the Catawba Nation and Catawba College grow, and in turn, to see the educational opportunities for young Catawba citizens multiply.” says Chief Bill Harris.

To be eligible for the Catawba College Scholarship, students who are Catawba Citizens must adhere to the scholarship guidelines listed below:

  1. Candidates must be eligible for admissions to Catawba College and complete the FAFSA to be considered for the scholarship.
  2. A copy of the student’s Tribal ID is required to verify membership in the Catawba Nation.
  3. As a general rule, there will be one full-tuition Catawba Indian Nation Scholarship available to be awarded each academic year inclusive of all merit scholarships already awarded. The scholarship does not cover the on-campus room and board and/or book costs. However, each student receiving this scholarship is eligible for any additional scholarships offered by Catawba College to cover the on-campus room and board and/or book costs.
  4. Additional awarded scholarships may be considered on an individual basis subject to approval by the College’s responsible Vice President for Admissions in consultation with the President of the College.
  5. Once awarded, the scholarship will remain with the student for four years, providing that the recipient continues in good academic standing, and carries a full-time academic load.
  6. Recipients may petition the college to be permitted to carry less than a full load during their final semester or due to extenuating personal circumstances.