Catawba College Students and Faculty attend Southeastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting

Several students and faculty in Catawba’s psychology department recently attended the 70th annual meeting of the Southeastern Psychological Association.

Students who attended included Joey Baillie, Zachary Smith, Taylor Hopper, Kyle Holmes, Kaite Bumbera, Berta Vidal-Carnero, Hayes Smith, and Nikki Franz.

Baillie, Smith, Hopper, and Dr. Shiela Brownlow, Professor of Psychology, presented “Are They Really that Way?” Predicted Behavior Based on Regional Stereotypes.”

Holmes and Brownlow presented “Environmental Attitudes and Apathy in Two Cultures.”

Bumbera, Vidal-Carnero, and Brownlow presented “Generational Talk: Differential Language Use Among Gen X, Gen Z, and Millennials.”

Drs. Jennifer Klebaur, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Diana Riser, Association Professor of Psychology, made presentations in sessions on Engaging Teaching Approaches.

All three faculty served on the Program Committee.

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